CI December CounterPulse

I’m teaching this December at CounterPulse.

In this workshop we are practicing freedom supported by contact with other people. Freedom to let your spirit move your body. Contact Improvisation is founded on the principle that anybody can teach it. At the same time we are learning from each person that we dance with. When we embrace that paradox, finding the balance of responsibility and freedom will lead us to self-discovery. Each class in this series will begin with short exercises to expand our awareness and our movement range; Followed by a score to allow deeper discovery, with direct feedback and time to incorporate the feedback in your dance.


Who Asked for It?

Who Asked for It is a game show where you are quizzed on on your dreams falling from a place like heaven in the sky is where a tango lasts an eternity.

Originally premiered at Dances Made To Order


Quince Missing (the meeting edit)

To see it in High Definition full screen watch it on Vimeo

This is a 4 minute version of Quince Missing. Just one duet from a 16 minute dance film. It captures a slice of time in dance. It is nite. In the streets. Two strangers try to pass by each other.

Director: Rajendra Serber. Dancers: Jose Navarrete, Nol Simonse. Director of Photography: Jessica Fisher. Music: The Genie, Cheryl Leonard. Production made possible by EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2009-2010.


Dolores Sugar High

To see it in High Definition full screen watch it on Vimeo

Dolores Sugar High features Kira Kirsch and Hana Erdman eating ice cream and dancing with wild abandon in Dolores Park.

Director Rajendra Serber. Also featuring Iu-Hui Chua. Musicians: Cheryl Leonard, Daniel Berkman, Cliff Neighbors, Felix Macnee. Director of Photography Scott Wilson.


Photos from >oh<

Images from my choreography in >oh< March 19, 2011. Photos by Elena Zhukova.

Trans>atlantic with Kira Kirsch and Rajendra Serber

Together. Now. with Daniel Bear Davis, Kristen Greco, Rosemary Hannon, Rajendra Serber, Kazoo and Adam Baltieri